The murder and incarceration rate for black males are higher than any other race. Not because they are more “violent”, but simply because of racial discrimination. Now it is the time to stand up for black boys and men in America. The Afraid of Dark Campaign, developed four immediate steps you can take in the fight against racial profiling and discrimination.

1. Petition Leaders
Demand that government leaders commit to helping end racial profiling and discrimination towards black males.

2. Tell Everyone You Know
Spread the word about “racial profiling and discrimination” to everyone you know.  Please join us in using the power of social media to your friends, family and the world that attacks on black men are very real, is happening and must end now! SPREAD THE WORD
Tweet This!
Did you know that a black man is considered the most threatening man in America just because of his skin color?
Learn why: www.afraidofdarkthefilm.com/#racialprofiling

3. Host a screening
fraid of Dark Screening Tour is happening soon! The film will be made available to universities, community centers, churches, and just about everywhere else around the world. If you have a passion for equal rights and justice for black men, “racial profiling and discrimination” brought to an end, or are interested in human rights, please bring Afraid of Dark to your city!  Please contact us on the “Contact” page.

4. Get involved